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Master bedroom design Hyde Park London
Creating a unique bedroom

What’s your design personality?

What is your design personality? Show homes are often minimalist, with high gloss surfaces, glass and polished metal, with few pieces of statement art, Something most of us aspire to but few can live with.

About 75 per cent of people tend to play it safe when it comes to their interiors, partly being influenced by trends and the high street look, and decorate for friends and family or neighbours, which can make a home uncomfortable and not reflective of you. We at to uncover your true personality and it can at times be confrontational, but those that do trust us and let their personality show in their lifestyle will find their home a sanctuary.

Emile Azan of people into four personality types, Playful, Serene, Minimalist and Earthy of which we have primary and secondary traits. Interior design should provide a balance of the two. If we get this right you will have a home you can feel comfortable in.

Playful– Vibrant colours like sky blue, watermelon red and sunshine yellow. People with this personality type often have open shelves in their kitchens decorated with bright crockery.

Serene– Prefer Lavender, dusky pink and mint grey. Like curves and soft, femine fabrics such as high quality silk and natural materials.

Minimalist– Gravitate towards black, white green and glacial blue. Don’t like clutter or mess. Like glossy surfaces and polished metal.

Earthy– Olive greens, soft yellows and burnt orange. Favour natural materials such as woods and linens, and organic shapes.

There can be a difference of styles and personality’s with couples, one can be aspirational – say minimalist or serene, while the other earthy and cluttered. Working with clients on this approach, we at Chameleon Interior Design allow families to have their own areas. In the main rooms, however we will try and work on a compromise, or bring elements of both personalities in by using lighting.

Fashion sells us the idea that style and personality is uniform, but it is multifaceted and it develops. There are other considerations too, such as the effect our homes have on mood. For instance, there are concerns about them being over stimulated by spending too much time on electronic devices. A room is like a psychological soundscape. You add bright, saturated colours to make it a joyful energetic space. You can then add in neutrals to turn down the visual volume and make it more calming. It is interesting to see the body reaction to dark colours – they make us sleepy and relaxed.

Getting design right is about balancing these aspects. We at Chameleon Interior Design, based in Norfolk and working all over East Anglia and London work with clients to not only look at how a house or commercial space works, but how to turn your environment one you feel comfortable and call home.