Creating an Assisted Living Bathroom

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Creating an Assisted Living Bathroom

Assisted Living Bathroom Ideas LondonWe have just completed a renovation on a bathroom for a client with specific needs for an assisted living space. The client in their mid seventies was having problems with the step up into the shower space which was considerable due to the concrete construction of the floor and the drainage for the existing shower. There were other issues to address, which was the height of the existing WC and the height and storage options available for the washbasin.

Further adding to this was the size of the bathroom, some 1.7 meters x 1.7 meters.

Working with my contractor and bathroom suppliers we were able to lower the drainage for the shower and therefore install a shower tray at floor level, in essence creating a wet room solution, but avoiding all the extra cost of sealing and tanking the floor. The glass shower screen made out of 10mm glass also gives assurance in terms of structural rigidity. By installing a fold down shower seat, grab rails and a clever solution where the shower riser is also a grab rail and finger operated controls, this makes the bathing experience once again a pleasure for my client.

In addition, we were able to use the existing WC, saving costs, by installing a plinth, which raised the WC to assisted living height. The vanity was replaced with a wall- mounted unit with a large drawer to further add to additional storage. Installing cork flooring which is both non-slip, but also has high insulating properties further makes the bathroom a warm and cozy place to be. The client has been delighted and has made her ability to stay in her own home once again a pleasure.