Open Plan Living Room Ideas for multi-functional, family space

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Open Plan Living Room Ideas for multi-functional, family space

Open Plan Living Room Ideas for multi- functional, family space 

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Open Plan Living

It’s easy to create an open-plan living room that feels cosy, yet seamlessly linked to the rest of your home

Looking for open-plan living room ideas? Open-plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room to a kitchen-diner. These spaces should be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function. Clever decorating and styling ideas will keep the spaces looking separate but seamless. Sounds complicated? Well fear not as we, at, in Norfolk and London, have compiled our top five tips for making the most of your open-plan space, without breaking the bank. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family.

Openplan living is a great choice as the social aspect is perfect for family interaction. Design allocated zones for lounging, dining and working to keep the room organised. Use soft textures and calm colours to create a welcoming, relaxed vibe while a long-pile rug and pouf are comfortable for little ones. Arrange your room around a large window or French doors to make the most of the natural light.

Making the most of natural light is a great way to keep a room feeling vibrant and lively and can even help a space feel larger than it actually is. Sliding or bi-fold doors leading directly on to a patio area, providing a seamless connection to the outdoors while, inside, neutral tones can be enlivened by pops of colour.

Section off the living area of an open-plan space with careful placement of furniture. The benefit of a large, open-plan space is that everyone can spend time together without being on top of each other. Not only that, but as there’s direct access to the garden, children can happily head outside to get some fresh air. Aside from a spacious layout, make your room’s even more interesting by adding, features such as dramatic walls or a beautiful fireplace, which will contrast perfectly.

Give an open-plan family space a relaxed feel with casual furniture. Elegant fusion of old and new will give a timeless feel to your living room. A pale wood floor reflects light from the opening.

Living rooms are meant to be lived in, so make sure your space is somewhere that everyone in the family will enjoy. Cosy open-plan living room combines modern and traditional furniture to create a welcoming, family-friendly space. A solid wood dining table for instance can be complemented by modern white chairs. A fireplace adds a focal point and not the TV, which can be hidden or made less obvious. While a large wall-hung mirror helps to open out what is a very busy, multifunctional space.

As one of the most social spaces in the house, your living room needs to look good, work hard and function well. Before you begin any work, take a little time to work out how the space functions for you. Is it a relaxing haven, and entertaining space of family central?

The trick is to pay attention to balancing the colour scheme and keeping everything in proportion.  An open-plan layout is a fundamental part of modern family schemes and this one incorporates all aspects of living.

We at Chameleon Designs Interiors are used to creating spaces that work for different uses at different times. Please do get in touch if we can be of further assistance.