Shower rooms-Energising spa space worthy of a boutique hotel

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Shower rooms-Energising spa space worthy of a boutique hotel
Interior Design of a Shower Room & Wet Rooms
A Spa bathroom with both a shower and statement bath.

Shower rooms -Energising spa space or a wet room worthy of a boutique hotel- you’ll be surprised what you can do in a tricky corner.

A shower room can be squeezed into the smallest of space as long as it is a minimum of 2 m high and 1 m wide. Think about wether you want an enclosure. Some people prefer a cubicle or you may want to keep things as open as possible, but always considering installing a screen to stop the basin and the toilet from getting wet. If you can natural ventilation is best, but otherwise invest in an extractor, and make sure your overall plumbing is up to the job, If you have a gravity-fed system or low water pressure, it may not be sufficient to support a shower in the loft, if the system is either a mega flow system or a high pressure combi boiler then there is no problem. Finally make sure to install good lighting and the correct fittings, with both atmospheric and task lighting and consider electric underfloor heating as this helps to dry the floor quickly and makes it less slippery and safer.

Good planning is paramount and an Interior Designer, can help you make the most of the space and make sure all the essentials are included, but also the plumbing can work with the new designs and the lighting sets the scene. We at Norfolk are regularly called on to help design boutique style bathrooms, be it residentail or commercila.

Add impact to small spaces 

The beauty of a small space wet room is it feels cosier, particularly is you choose tiles in a warmer tone than the traditional blues. You can make a statement without it being too overwhelming by installing two opposing scales and colours of tiles.

Indulge in a decorative motif 

For real impact, clad a wall entirely in decorative tiles – jewel like mosaics, textured surfaces or a modern take on Moorish. Partner the look with simple brassware so the tiles do all the talking.

Make a walled walk-in 

Build a solid wall to create a classic style walk in shower, no curtains or screen required. Traditional white brick tiles are a smart and inexpensive way to cover a large expanse of wall and work well teamed with other colour or patterned tiles and fittings. Touches of brass and gold are seeing a come back in bathrooms, but in a modern way – pared back and sleek.

Build in key features 

A built –in alcove is perfect for shower essentials and illuminate them for more impact. Glass bricks are brilliant for creating a dividing wall that provides privacy but allows light to flood in.

Utilise a hidden space 

Use an otherwise redundant space to slot in a shower room. Under the stairs provides a perfect nook: just make sure there is sufficient head height. Supplying water to the shower is relatively easy, but if your shower is below drain level, in a basement perhaps, then you may need to install a pump to take wastewater away. Remember once a shower was just a quick way to wash, but with modern fittings a sense of well being can be included, including types of shower, lighting and even lighting.

Opt for a statement screen 

Install coloured glass instead of clear glass screen, or use it to clad walls for a really sleek, modern look. It’s hygienic and easy to keep clean as there are no grout lines to scrub, plus it is quicker to install than tiles. As well as standard shades, may manufactures can create bespoke colours, so you can match your glass to anything else you choose.

We at help with projects large or small and working across Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond. Please do get in touch if we can be of further assistance.