The Fortunes of Wallpaper....

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The Fortunes of Wallpaper....
Living room brought to life with wallpaper. Example for one of our interior design clients

The Fortunes of Wallpaper…Have ebbed and flowed since it was first introduced in the 16th century, and having taken what some thought was a final dive into oblivion in the late Nineties it is back – bigger and bolder than ever before. Emile Azan of Chameleon Designs Interiors looks at its changing popularity and it’s latest resurgence.

Wallpaper today

The popularity of wallpaper has waxed and waned – originally a cheap alternative for those who couldn’t afford fabric on the walls, it soon became so desirable that it was taxed as a luxury item and became, for a while, something for the rich rather than everyone.

The pendulum then swung the other way, as the drive to mass-produce papers cheap enough for even the poorest homes led to a drop in quality that ultimately led to its demise. Wallpaper is an ephemeral item of fashion; in that sense it has played an important role as part of the cultural capital of consumers in the West. It has often been used to exhibit status in society and of the latest trends.

Currently wallpaper is on a high, comments Emile of Chameleon Designs Interiors, “There’s a resurgence in people wanting wallpaper again, and they are less nervous about using it- the feature wall is still popular especially as murals, but also whole rooms are being papered again. Part of the joy of wallpaper is that with hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from, rooms can be totally personal, and this is where an Interior Designer can help, make the effect work for you as a cohesive whole.

There are some notable trends in play at present

Wide width- Much wider papers are increasingly popular as they allow for larger patterns and mural effects.

Industrial/textural finishes – Papers that mimic everything from rough concrete to peeling paint are popular

Jungle/Tropical/Africana – Palm trees, jungle foliage, leopards and tropical birds are everywhere now. Not for the faint hearted, jungle elements are a statement trend. Green is the hot colour right now and it can be tamed with cool greys for a modern sophisticated look.

Retro – Mid- century modern is on trend that shows no signs of dying down. There is a revival of interest in historic wallpapers, especially those from the Fifties.

It is ultimately all about personalisation. We at Chameleon Designs Interiors, from our studio in Norwich and London, have access to some of the many myriad of designs that exist. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.