The New Danish Mood

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The New Danish Mood

There’s no doubt the Danes can teach us a thing or two about design innovation and craftsmanship. After blossoming in the 20thcentury, the creative community of this Nordic country continues to display innovation. On a recent visit to Denmark, Chameleon Interior Designs was able to view this enlightened approach, and how with a respectful nod to the past, they just keeping moving inventively forwards…..

Playful colour

Nordic and Danish design may conjure up images of white-on-white palette and blonde timber textures, but bright optimistic colours have been used in re-issued in many contemporary classics. Look for vibrant updates from Verner Panton, Hans Wenger, Arne Jacbson, Bang and Olufsen and Vipp.

Bo Concept is probably one of the most recognisable Danish furniture suppliers on the high street, but also from new designers such as Eva Solo for kitchen and bathroom accessories and Day Birger et Mikkelsen for takes on pretty exoticism with cushions.

New Utility 

Honest craftsmanship and natural materials have long been part of Denmark’s design heritage, but designers are upping the ante by stripping things back to basics and exposing construction elements. Think TAF Architects’ pine Wood lamp for Muuto with visible wing nuts , the cast aluminium and solid soap-trated wood tube chair by Hay, or the Ash and Oak hooks by PP Mobler, and wood and ceramic designs by Trip Trapp.

Mia Hamborg’s Shuffle table was inspired by turned wood and has components that slot onto a central pole support. Allowing owners to create various configurations. Vola and Bodum, have new designs that epitomise their trademark elegant functionality. Montana, known for it’s flexible storage systems, channels the functional simplicity so inherent in Danaish design in a sleek new TV/hi-fi unit which has built in speakers – sure to be a modern classic.

Dinesen keeps things beautifully simple, offering oak floorboards in 7m lengths and 52.5 cm widths, for those with large spaces hankering after that pure Scandi look.

Natural forms 

Organic Lines continue to influence Scandi designers, but the contemporary take on nature is very much curved, outsized and stylised. Witness the sculptural, pebble-like forms of Eva Solo’s smiley glass bowls and Verner Panton’s “flower pot” table and floor lights.. Furniture by PP Mobler and by Trip Trapp.

The clue is in the name with Harrit-Sorensen + Samson’s Snowdrop lamps topped with pleated shade by Le Klint. Embracing the outdoors, like a true Dane, the new orb –shaped porcelain oil lapmby Menu will burn steadily even in windy conditions – perfect for the average alfresco evening in the UK.

Reinventing tradition 

Danish companies are raiding their design heritage to transform classic pieces using cutting-edge techniques and materilals. Cane-Line recreates the sense of wicker furniture in durable, man-made fibres.

In keeping with the “cosy at home” translation of the Danish buzz word hygge, Morso’s 7600 series wood –burning stovesby Monica Ritterband have an enlarged viewing window giving the look of a roaring hearth, but in an eco-friendly form. This is one of the elements running through all Danish design, and one we are becoming increasingly aware of at Chameleon Designs Interiors when we do work on our properties for clients, is the manufacture and design of products with eco-friendly credentials.  For more help and assitance with your projects, please do get in touch