Cabinet Reshuffle

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Cabinet Reshuffle

Cabinet Reshuffle

There has never been such a good time to splash out on an inspirational new kitchen.

We at have experience of making the most of kitchens whether a new kitchen or a refurbishing and reuse of the existing kitchen. By adding custom handles, luxe worktops and lighting, the trick is to know where to spend and where to save.

How to budget – For a low cost kitchen

Lets start out with well-known mass-market manufacturers. Any will do admirably as your blank canvas, B&Q, Homebase, Wren, Wickes and Magnet, but remember these will be basic units, and none will include installation.  A new design and whether you can do things a bit differently is also to be considered and one of the main reasons for changing a kitchen. Also how it relates to the rest of the space.

You will also need to consider the installation – fitting costs can easily triple the price of any budget kitchen. On this note, don’t skimp on installation. Badly fitted budget kitchens will look cheaper and have a shorter lifespan than those installed with expertise. Bargain cabinets don’t mean cheap installation; as for instance IKEA cabinets all need to be assembled first.

Look at warranties: as well as peace of mind they will give a clue as to when your cabinets might need replacing.

Now the nice stuff

  • Add colour at minimal cost with wall paint or tiles for splash backs, just make sure the paint is suitable for kitchens.
  • Plants are an inexpensive way to dress up your kitchen: herbs for cooking, as well as houseplants that thrive in warm, moist environments.
  • Think work surfaces: this along with taps is one of the hardest working areas of a kitchen. And one that can take a budget kitchen to another level. Be ware marble can be expensive and although beautiful, can stain, granite is a hard working stone, but seek out substitutes such as solid surface and quartz. Remember all these will need to be template, but some; especially solid surface can be installed by a good carpenter.
  • Bookshelves, a display of recipe books is a decorative touch and prompt for cooking inspiration.
  • Lighting brings your style to an inexpensive scheme. But make sure consider both ambient and especially task lighting for food preparation. This is where a good designer can be worth getting involved.
  • Taps: make sure go for good quality taps as like the work surface these take considerable use and not ones you need to replace quickly.
  • Most budget kitchens can be pimped to make them look and feel amazing spaces to be in, especially in an area of open or broken plan living, or in a new build where the kitchen is often part of the living space. There are a group of design studios out there that can make alternative door and drawer fronts that take these basic kitchens to another level.

We at work with you whether it is a new kitchen design or repurposing your existing kitchen.



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