Updating your bathroom for summer- Tips and style from Chameleon Designs Interiors.

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Updating your bathroom for summer- Tips and style from Chameleon Designs Interiors.

Bathroom Design Ideas Norfolk and LondonUPDATING YOUR BATHROOM FOR THE SUMMER Tips and style from Chameleon Designs Interiors.

Give your bathroom an appealing summer makeover with our easy to achieve tips by Emile Azan at Chameleon Designs Interiors.


Any room can be updated with a lick of paint, and bathrooms are no different. You should choose a specially formulated bathroom paint however, which has a mid sheen finish (so much easier to wipe down than matt emulsion). It will also be designed to resist moisture and steam, providing a long lasting protection against condensation and mould.

Fresh white always looks great in a bathroom, while deeper shades such as charcoal or navy make a striking impact and mid range blues, greens and yellows are fresh and cheery.

Another rule made to be broken is the idea that a bathroom should be blue. In the UK, we often turn to blues as an easy option and because of its water connotations. If you really want to use it, then a rich sapphire shade, the same as Kate Middleton’s engagement dress, is much more the colour to go for and of the times.

  1. Update your accessories

Have those towels seen better days? How much longer will that old shower curtain last? Take your pick from so many fashionable new options, from graphic patterns to flamingo designs or marble or copper. Little changes in a bathroom (such as loo roll holder and brush and even the toilet seat can make a big difference). You might want to think about adding artwork to the walls too, giving colour, pattern and a dramatic focal point. These changes needn’t be expensive and a good place to start is your local supermarket, which often have coordinating or contrasting home ranges in their aisles. 

  1. Conceal clutter 

No one wants to look at bleach bottles or old cleaning clothes when they are relaxing in the bath or taking an invigorating shower. If you are short on storage the easiest way to create more space is with a slimline wall mounted cupboard (perhaps with a mirror on the door) though there are all sorts of clever options from units that fit round the sink pedestal to racks and rails to shelves and hooks. Matching baskets, rows of glass jars and small wooden crates look very pretty and will keep things tidy whilst free standing items such as caddies and towel ladders hold heaps of stuff and can be hugely convenient.

  1. Replace your taps and waste

Tap styles go out of date and wastes get scratched and worn – but fortunately they are easy for a plumber to replace and will give your room and instant update. Take advice about the technical side of things like water pressure and how far your taps should project over the basin – then choose styles that look great, function well and make you feel happy. At the same time you could go for water saving taps or an aerated or low flow showerhead too.

  1. Windows

Consider replacing a dull roller blind with something more interesting. You need privacy and practicality, but why not have something beautiful too? Roman blinds, café curtains, wooden louvers or shutters are all good options. You could also go for a cheap and instant transformation with adhesive film, either plain or frosted or one with a subtle pattern

  1. Add a plant 

Not only can a houseplant make a great statement in a bathroom but -providing you choose the right plant – they can absorb some of the humidity and even reduce the level of pollutants in the air. Look for plants that thrive in damp conditions and are happy with the level of light in your bathroom. Options include peace lilies, ivies, reeds, palms and Boston ferns

These tips are easily achieved on your own, but as always if you want further help or are considering a more major change to your bathroom, then we at Chameleon Designs Interiors, Norwich and London are more than happy to help.