Why Use an Interior Designer?

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Why Use an Interior Designer?

      Interior design plans for Norfolk home.

Why use an Interior Designer? 

Whether you are buying or building a new house, planning a major structural change or renovating your existing space, an interior designer will help to bring your ideas to life. 

The interior design process is complex, involving knowledge of both the construction industry, knowledge of the market place and avoidance of costly mistakes. An interior designer will need to interpret the brief, identify potential problems, comply with relevant regulations and monitor works on site.

Clients who hire an interior design company are pleased when it comes to how their home or commercial space looks after the designer leaves after the project is complete. We at Chameleon Designs know that every client values their home and wants it to reflect their individual tastes and personality. Whether they want to be very hands-on, have little free time or live abroad, we adapt accordingly and deliver projects that combine the client’s vision with glamour, cool subtlety and originality.

Finding the right person for your requirements may seem daunting, but the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), the professional body for Interior designers in the UK, of which we are a full members, gives you the reassurance.

In addition to rigorous entry requirements, which assess training, experience and professionalism, the Institute requires members to continue their professional development throughout their career, ensuring their expertise in the design process, practice and regulatory matters remains relevant and up to date.

Why use and Interior Designer and Hiring an Interior Design Professional

Benefits of using a professional 

  • They can define and enhance your own style.
  • Their knowledge of the design process will help prevent costly mistakes.
  • Experience in the industry means they have contact with reputable suppliers and tradespeople.
  • Designers who are members of the BIID are trained to make the most of available spaces and to create the flow and furniture arrangements that make daily living functional, safe, comfortable and easy.
  • BIID interior designers are able to draw on a wealth of expertise and may suggest ideas and designs, you had not previously considered.
  • Members of the BIID are required to have a written contract with their clients, in the best interest of both parties, and to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Tips on working with a designer 

  • You should be clear in your brief and open about the budget. The designer will help you formulate the brief and this will help form the basis of the professional agreement. At Chameleon Designs we believe that it is very important to engage and spend time with our clients during the evolution of the project, making the process enjoyable, accessible and fun for everyone involved
  • There maybe several solutions to a design project; try to keep an open mind and the result could well exceed your expectations.
  • Be realistic about time and cost. Allow a contingency sum for unexpected problems and understand that doing things well can’t be rushed.

Chameleon Designs always ensure that the skeleton of the building is in good shape before dressing it. Collaboration with the on-site team is essential so site visits by Emile Azan or one of the team from Chameleon Designs are frequent and every detail of a completed project is quality checked before we hand it over to the client as the finished product, their home or business..